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Narsipuram English School
Photos of
Sri Sivananda English School

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Videos of
Sri Sivananda English School Children

Please click on each link below for a YouTub.com video
  School Children up close 1 Group Waving Swami Hands out cookies 3
  School Children up close 2 Lesson 1 Swami Hands out cookies 4
  Going to Class Lesson 2 Swami Hands out cookies 5
  Group Video 1 Swami hands out cookies 1 Swami Hands out cookies 6
  Group Video 2 Swami Hands out cookies 2 Swami Hands out cookies 7

Before the school was built...
See photos of before the school was built

We are building a new school for our ashram children as well as for local needy children in Narsipuram Ashram because there is no English medium school up to 15 KM distance.

We already laid the foundation for the school and came up to the walls, and, for this we already spent about Rs 120,000.00 [out of last year funds that you all donated].

Still we need funds about Rs 26,00,000 (Rs. 26 lakhs) to complete the school project. Please see below, the building pictures and the pictures of the children in the make shift school.

We need your support. Please open your hearts and continue your support to finish the school building.

Thank you very much for your continuous support to the "Children."


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